Cavaliers of the  South

A Regional Club of the CKCSC-USA Inc.

A Regional Club of the CKCSC-USA Inc.

About Cavaliers Of The South

The CKCSC, USA is the oldest Cavalier King Charles registry in the United States, having formed in 1956.  There are four regions that make up the CKCSC, USA.

The Cavaliers of the South (COS) is one of the four regional subsidiary clubs.

The South Region was formed in 1977 and is comprised of 10 states

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.   Our membership is open to all cavalier owners and enthusiasts whether you participate in Conformation, Performance, Therapy, Rescue, or just own a loving pet.  Our members are dedicated to the preservation of the health, conformation and overall well being of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Each year the COS holds three weekends of shows within our region and helps to support shows in other regions as well.  At these shows there are a variety of activities to participate in or observe, such as conformation events, performance events, fun matches, junior handling, rescue parades, health clinics, educational seminars, and cavalier owner get-togethers. These are not only fun for owners, but also extremely enjoyable to your cavaliers.

If you have any questions about the COS or would like to become more involved, please know that a standing invitation always exists.  Contact any person on our Membership Committee for details on becoming a member of the CKCSC, USA or Cavaliers of the SouthMembership.


    Caryna Fox (Chair) email:

    Mimi Hodges

    Pat Mixon

    Barbara Magera

    Pam Taub

    Earline Barrios

Cavaliers of the South Contacts:

President:            Pat Mixon (2016-18) Tel: 850-528-4442 email:     

Vice President:   Rachel Venier (2016-18) Tel: 415-516-9248 email:

Secretary:             Shannon Taylor (2016-18)  Tel:  678-997-0777  email:

Treasurer:     Treasurer: James (Jim) Utych (2018-2020) Tel: 404-825-4825 email:


Mimi Hodges Perkins  (2016-18)  Tel: 615-983-0030     email:

Howard Bales   (2014-17)    Tel: 865-384-4964    email:

Caryna Baker Fox  (2014-17)    Tel: 703-505-1622      email:

Paula Ayers (2018-2021) Tel: 706-342-3292    email:

Michelle Lander  Hamilton (2015-2017)   Tel: 404-604-9675    email:

Rep to CKCSC, USA Board Of Directors:

Dr Kevin Cline (2016 - 2019)    Tel: 318-455-1513 email:

Trophy Chairs:

Amanda and Mathew Madden    Tel: 561-28-8023 email:


Shannon Taylor

Puppy Referral:

Brenda Bailey    Tel: 772-545-3966   email:

Newsletter Editor:

Sharon Utych    Tel: 770-569-9508  email:

Rescue (Cavalier Rescue USA):

Chairperson: Carolyn Stigler  Tel: 239 395-3601   email:

Website: Vinton Cline   Tel: 318-349-8475   email: